Limeworks can save you time and money when choosing polished concrete products, namely:

  • Cost Savings – By polishing the slab on grade, there is no need for traditional flooring options such as carpet, tiles or vinyl.
  • Longer Life – Polished concrete is extremely hard wearing and not as susceptible to damage as normal floor coverings.
  • More Resistant – Due to the 7-stage diamond polish, the final product is exceedingly hard and as a result withstands heavy traffic with ease.
  • Easy to Clean – Polished concrete doesn’t harbor dust, dirt or allergens. Our floors don’t require waxes, coatings or the associated labour time to maintain such surfaces.
  • Resistant to Moisture Transmission – Polished concrete is a natural living stone that is able to breathe and allow water and vapor to travel throughout the substrate. Our floors won’t display the same issues associated with finishes that normally seal the concrete – tiles etc.
  • High Light Reflectivity – Our floors project a bright, clean and professional image. Due to the high reflectivity of the polished surface, the requirement for additional artificial lighting is reduced
  • A Sustainable Flooring Alternative – Polished concrete does not require hazardous coatings, cleaners or adhesives.
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Black pigment and speciality aggregate
Superfloor finish standard aggregate
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